We are writing to share with you the information available on the progressive opening of the countries to international tourism once the health protection and safety of travelers are assured.

Each country is making its decisions, and these are the deadlines of the different destinations :

  • Spain: has announced the opening for international tourist from July 1st.
  • Italy: will open the country for European travelers on June the 1st. May reopen from 15 June to visitors from non-European countries.
  • Portugal: is studying to do so it in mid-June (pending of official confirmation).
  • Morocco: has not announced it yet, but it is likely to be already in September. All commercial flights to or from Morocco have now been suspended. Passenger ferry links between Morocco, Spain and Gibraltar have also been suspended. 
  • Belgium: has announced plans to slowly start relaxing lock down measures. Want to open borders by 15 June for European Travelers. 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: All foreign visitors are banned from entering the country. Will open to foreigners at the start of June
  • Bulgaria: Has announced severe restrictions on international travel
  • Croatia: Could reopen its border with Slovenia on June 1. 
  • Czech Republic: The borders with its EU neighboring countries may reopen in July.  The travelling outside Europe will depend on the renewal of international flights
  • France: has yet to decide when borders will fully opened.
  • Turkey: Turkey will reopen its borders to International visitors from mid-June
  • Maldives: Will reopen to International visitors 1st July.
  • South Africa:Will Remain Closed to Tourists Until February 2021
  • Montenegro: Reopened for tourism.